What is the Summer Recovery Program and why it is Important?

May 25, 2020
Outline: This communication piece will explain the value of the Summer Recovery Program and look at some of the challenges facing parents and students this school year. Key words: COVID-19; Education Sector; Online Learning; Virtual Education; Summer School; School Closures; Summer Activities; Summer Camp; Private School Author: Anastasia Moskvitina What is the Summer Recovery Program

8 Factors to Boost Your Child’s Learning Performance

May 17, 2020
Outline: This blog post outlines the methods used to improve student performance and success. We will explain each of the eight pillars that are outlined in the infographic online. Each factor will explore how RICOS goes beyond conventional education to enhance the learning process for students. Key words: Student Success; Learning Outcomes; Classroom Performance; Education

Rutherford Success Story

May 13, 2020
Our world is changing rapidly—that which seemed impossible yesterday is achievable today. Many technological advancements have occurred in every aspect of our lives. The modern reality includes using Uber for transportation, shopping for all your needs on Amazon, and of course, getting your education online. The most important element in any electronic service is the

Importance of Virtual face to face Communication | Rutherford School

May 13, 2020
Outline: This blog post will explore the changing nature of education in the face of COVID-19, breaking down the factors involved in virtual education and explaining how visual interaction utilizing available technology significantly improves the quality of education delivered through an online platform. We will go over the challenges facing students and obstacles facing educators