Junior High School

Grades 9-10 | In Person & On Zoom

We provide a wonderful inclusive academic environment for our both local and international students having both in-person and virtual classes to master the needed skills of a self-reliant learner. These skills, in our view, are the cornerstones of academic quality, which include creative thinking, creative writing, and creative acting. Students graduating from RPS are then equipped with more than the necessary conditions of post-secondary school.

Our students take a maximum of five courses per term instead of a more traditional semester setting (four courses a semester). This would lead to a more effective time-table so that our students are able to manage their academic workload much more productively. RPS, in this way, seeks to provide a unique offering to Grades 9 and 10 students that challenge the traditional organization of learning. 

Unlike many schools where the disciplines are isolated from one another and also from the real lives of students, at RPS, we aim to fully integrate disciplinary aspects in the practical experience of students based on an “of learning, as learning, for learning” attitude and assessment process. RPS is ministry inspected and adheres to all provincial standards, including the provision of an Ontario Provincial Report Card and official transcripts to post-secondary institutions. 

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Academic School Year 2024-2025

Grades 9-10 | In-person | Via Zoom

RPS Accelerate Program

Unique Opportunity to Finish Grades 9 & 10 in ONE YEAR!

For some students, early graduation can seem like a dream come true. You may be able to finish high school early if you get enough credits. Graduating high school early can give you a head start. By graduating early and beginning university/college, you can provide yourself with the mental challenge you desire.



Accelerate PROGRAM Benefits

  • Receive 10 credits in one year towards the OSSD
  • Engage in experiential learning activities
  • No gap between essential subjects: Math & English
  • Unique opportunity to get co-op credits
  • Save time by finishing high school in 3 years
  • Save more money by finishing high school in 3 years

Finish Grades 9 & 10 in 1 Year! YES, It Is Possible.

Total: 10-12 Credit Courses JUST in ONE YEAR

Semester 1 - Grade 9 Courses

  • Principles of Mathematics | MPM1D
  • English | ENG1D
  • Science | SCN1D
  • Introduction to Information Technology in Business | BTT1O
  • Issues in Canadian Geography | CGC1D (Online)
  • Co-op Credit | Business or STEAM Focus (Optional)

Semester 2 - Grade 10 Courses

  • Principles of Mathematics | MPM2D
  • English | ENG2D
  • Science | SCN2D
  • Introduction to Computer Studies | ICS2O
  • Canadian History since World War I | CHC2D (Online)
  • Co-op Credit | Business or STEAM Focus (Optional)

Study And Earn Money with Co-op Programs

RPS offers Co-op credits all year round in Business and STEM Streams. In Business Stream, students can apply their knowledge from the subjects of English and Business Communication Technology in Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Video and Blog Creation. In STEM Stream, students have the opportunity to work on STEM Projects such as Camp Counselor, STEM Kits, Coding, and Arduino Programs.

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Academic School Year 2024-2025

Grades 9-10 | In-person | Via Zoom

Advantage of Zoom Classes

RPS is distinguished with an education concentrated on individual self-discovery, small class sizes, highly experienced and certified teachers, focused on single subject expertise, equipped with the highest educational technology.

You may never miss any classes if you are not able to come to school by any reason. You have the opportunity to attend all classes virtually via Zoom if you would like to stay home because of the weather condition, sickness, and family emergency.

  • Modern & convenient communications for teachers and students
  • The ability to connect synchronously with your students over video
  • The ability for students to work in groups
  • The ability to use written annotations on a whiteboard when sharing

Essential Skills

RPS also aims to provide a combination of crucial life skills, and the Ontario Ministry mandated academic curriculum. To prepare our students for their life journey, RPS offers, in Grades 9 and 10, some essential skills as, Creative Thinking, The Ability to Set Attainable Goals, Stress Management, Appropriate Note-Taking, Setting Short-Term and Long-Term Goals, Learn to Say No, Personal Nutrition, Improving Academic Achievement, Managing one’s Wellness, Organizational Skills, Mastering in Time Management.


Featured RPS Junior High School Classes

Open continuous communication between parents and teachers is a crucial aspect of our learning process. Parents can follow and also be involved with their children’s progress via Google Classroom and edX platform which includes assignments, group discussions, and reading materials. Furthermore, updates on attendance will be reported regularly to parents through the Classe365 platform.

Enriched Course Content

Personalized Education Plans

Ministry of Education Approved 


Experienced Teachers

Available Anywhere With WIFI

Live Teacher-Led Classes

Interactive Virtual Lessons

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