Rutherford Success Story

Our world is changing rapidly—that which seemed impossible yesterday is achievable today. Many technological advancements have occurred in every aspect of our lives. The modern reality includes using Uber for transportation, shopping for all your needs on Amazon, and of course, getting your education online.

The most important element in any electronic service is the person behind the technology. For Uber it is the driver; for Amazon it is the warehouse and delivery staff. For online learning, it is our valued teachers. These people face the challenge of expressing their charisma over the internet; of understanding the mood and psychology of each student through a screen; of coaching the rhythm of the classroom with a microphone and a video camera. That is why exceptional teachers are essential for online learning.

In my 25 years of experience as an educator, I have developed my Success Method, achieving great results for most of my students. The basic principle behind my method is to trust your experience, intuition and imagination and come up with innovative ideas rooted in success. Since my mind is particularly gifted in mathematics and logic, these are the areas where I radiate my energy. The result is increased participation, engagement and success of my students.

At my school I surround the students with teachers who possess the methodologies for success behind all academic subjects. First and foremost, our staff are friendly, enthusiastic and capable professionals who create interesting stories and activities for maximum engagement. We turn our ideas into actions-devise and execute. This is how we pave the road to success for beginners and students of all levels of ability. I am proud to say that I continue to see students with average scores achieve amazing results and graduate with A+ averages.

Maximize your potential for learning and do not lose your valuable time in generic assignments on platforms like Google Classroom. Instead, prepare to be a graduate who is ready for learning in a university setting. Sign up for my trial class completely for free and meet the rest of the teachers at our school. If you decide to continue your studies at RICOS and you are eligible for our programs, I am ready to offer you a higher level of education that will guarantee the success of your student in school and in life.

Dr. Igor Sarjinsky
Owner & Principal of the School

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