Outline: This communication piece will explain the value of the Summer Recovery Program and look at some of the challenges facing parents and students this school year.

Key words: COVID-19; Education Sector; Online Learning; Virtual Education; Summer School; School Closures; Summer Activities; Summer Camp; Private School

Author: Anastasia Moskvitina

What is the Summer Recovery Program and why it is Important?

The government has announced that schools in Ontario will remain closed for the rest of the school year and students must continue to learn online. While we don’t know what the future holds for the next school year, we must keep our children’s education on track. If your child is one of the many students unable to complete their courses online, we have a solution to make up for lost time with the Summer Recovery Program.

While everyone struggles to navigate a new normal during these challenging times, education has been one of the hardest hit sectors of society. When students went home for March Break, nobody was expecting they would not return to school for months on end. The temporary solution for learning has become 5-10 hours of Google classroom assignments per week, which has significantly decreased our children’s access to educational resources. Many parents express a lack of motivation in their children to complete the assigned work and the result is simple: our children are not completing their classes and they are falling behind.

This summer is going to be much different from those of previous years. We will continue to have little opportunity to go outside, interact with friends and take part in some our favorite activities. For our kids, the summer may end up being long days of being stuck indoors playing video games and watching television. As parents struggle to come up with solutions for keeping their kids productive and engaged, RICOS is offering a summer program that will help students take control of their education and be prepared for the next school year.

Now that students have missed hundreds of hours of class time, everybody’s daily lives are much different than before. Parents are having a hard time balancing their own changing work environment with taking on the role of a teaching assistant for their children. With a lack of structure or daily routine, our kids are sleeping in late, not getting enough exercise, failing to complete their assignments adequately and receiving very little communication from the teachers they used to see every day.

Unlike a conventional summer school, our program is based on our special method of success that has proven results in our elementary school and high school. Over the course of eight weeks, your child will spend valuable face-to-face learning time in our live online classrooms, helping them reclaim control over their education and obtain the education they have missed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Summer Recovery Program at RICOS is designed to establish a routine your child can follow every day to make sure that when it is time to return to regular classes, they won’t be at a disadvantage when it comes to university or high school acceptance. We provide virtual face-to-face instruction which gives students the opportunity to engage in the curriculum and ask questions in real-time. Together we can turn your children’s summer into a productive and meaningful time to catch up on missed classes.

Our classes are scheduled regularly and require attendance by video. Classes are structured to create an environment very similar to a regular classroom and facilitate discussion, engagement and a positive outlook. Instead of assigning work offline, the teachers take the time to deliver a complete lesson plan with a balance of lecture and assignments that are delivered directly to our students. We keep our class sizes small to make sure each student gets the attention and guidance that they need.

As students adjust to the transition of online learning, teachers across the education system are experiencing some challenges as well. Without being able to see students in person, many teachers struggle with keeping students engaged, delivering class materials and monitoring the atmosphere of the classroom. Thankfully, the teachers at the RICOS Summer Recovery Program have many years of experience in the classroom and have been able to transition to online learning very well. Our teachers are carefully selected experts in their respective fields of teaching and have proven success with our alumni.

Although the future is unclear, we must try not to put the important things in our lives on hold for too long. As we navigate the changing environment caused by COVID-19, RICOS is proud to offer solutions for education that are of much higher quality than the public school system. Our students have experienced increased grade averages, better learning outcomes and improved outlooks for their future. Whether your child is at the elementary or high school level, the Summer Recovery program will work to meet their educational needs. We hope to contribute to a better daily routine for your entire family by creating a more structured setting in your home. Take advantage of our unique new program and let us show you what a difference our methods can make!

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