Multicultural School

The most distinctive feature of RPS at first glance is its multicultural atmosphere. RPS was established with a very specific focus on Russian and Iranian communities and started its journey in 2007. During these years, we have attempted to expand our community to a larger and more diversified one. The more we have been extended, the more we welcomed so many other nationalities and communities to our RPS family. Today, we are no longer confined to Russian and Iranian communities and embrace students from China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and so on. What differentiates us is that although RPS currently operates based on both virtual and in-person classrooms, we turn every situation to a productive opportunity, and we are planning to switch entirely to Live Online Classrooms. 

We are already equipped with the necessary technological platform and related facilities. This very openness to technological advancements is in compliance with one of our basic values that both our international and local students coming from different backgrounds and nationalities gathered simultaneously in a very energetic, fruitful, and productive space. 

STEM Oriented

STEM is the future. At RPS students benefit from knowing that there is a reason behind each lesson. When they understand that the STEM fundamentals they’re focusing on at school have a real-world application, we will have engendered robust enthusiasm for these disciplines; an enthusiasm that could serve them well for their academic careers and beyond.

Experienced Teachers

Having the most professional and experienced multilingual teachers, mentors, and staff, RPS is working at a very high-level standard. Furthermore, seizing this opportunity helps to create a more just environment so that all students from all over the world will be able to participate in our educational system irrespective of how far geographically distanced they are. 

All that said, the multicultural characteristic of RPS will benefit students in different forms: the content integration, the knowledge construction process, prejudice reduction, equality pedagogy, and finally empowering school cultural and social structure to engage with broader Canadian society.

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