Our Team


Teachers at Rutherford School have a great spectrum of knowledge and a passion to deliver it. We teach and guide our students as they carve a fine road to success. We believe that a teacher’s main goal is to give individualized attention which will allow one to conquer any obstacles through the journey. We push towards achieving our dreams by transforming into self-assured learners who are eager for new challenges.

RPS is always and ever not only looking for hiring new talented, inspirational teachers but also attempts to keep the knowledge of the current faculty up to date and ever-growing.  


Dr. Igor Sarjinsky

Math | Programming


David Brown

English | Social Studies


Dragos Spulber

Science | Physics | Chemistry


Mehrnoush Taherkhani

Business & Technology


Jerome Chuatoco



Yuri Yarin


School Regulations

At Rutherford School, we feel that it is our commitment to maintaining an environment that is based on a strong foundation of respect and understanding. We strive to create an atmosphere that gives our students a strong social and educational safety net. We expect all of our students, staff, and parents to follow the school regulations, and specifically adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Respect the rights of all
  • Respect the property of all
  • Accept responsibility for one’s actions and choices
  • Exercise self-discipline
  • Be prepared to learn every day
  • Extent courtesy and helpfulness to all

Our Professional Team

Our faculty members are specialists in their fields. Our teachers treat the educational path as a mutual journey and see both themselves and their students in the process of learning. Although highly educated and knowledgeable, they are still very flexible towards any new perspective and method.