Zoom High School

Learning Reimagined

A New Era of Virtual Education 

Now, we are in a moment that one can argue the future of higher education is forever changed. This is not limited to high schools. All colleges and universities are involved. Such a fundamental change has several determining implications.

Students should be equipped with an entirely new set of skills not to finish their high school successfully, but more crucially, to be ready to follow their future undergraduate and graduate studies in an environment that is historically unparalleled. Many schools right now are running a hybrid teaching model, and many universities are moving entirely online. Zoom High school is a forecasting reaction to the very new situation students are experiencing.  

We are honoured to announce that RPS has established its Zoom High School  program as a semi-independent branch of RPS. ZHS is for students whose parents/guardians have chosen or preferred to continue their child's learning at home as a response to the emergent condition of online learning.

The Advantages

  • The ability for students to work in groups
  • The ability to use written annotations on a whiteboard when sharing
  • Modern & convenient communications for teachers and students
  • The ability to connect synchronously with your students over video

Living Outside of GTA? No Problem! We Can Help You Out

Rutherford is distinguished with an education concentrated on individual self-discovery, small class sizes, highly experienced and certified teachers, focused on single subject expertise, equipped with the highest educational technology. You may never miss any classes if you are not able to come to school by any reason. You have the opportunity to attend all classes virtually via Zoom if you would like to stay home because of the weather condition, sickness, and family emergency.


Why Rutherford Zoom High School

The ZHS recognizes and supports students' right to education regardless of the circumstances that may interrupt the regular delivery of services. Our program is a collaborative one between home and school. To put it more precisely, our students in ZHS will receive almost the same educational services at home while being actively engaged in high school activities. There would be a close interaction between students who are physically present in the school and those who join us on-line through ZHS.

Entirely adapted and calibrated with the unprecedented pandemic & health condition

Fully organized to offer remote learning at the technologically highest level

Genuinely committed to improving and enriching students academic life

For parents who prefer having their children at home receiving an online education

Featured Rutherford Zoom High School Classes

Open continuous communication between parents and teachers is a crucial aspect of our learning process. Parents can follow and also be involved with their children’s progress via Google Classroom which includes assignments, group discussions, and reading materials. Furthermore, updates on attendance will be reported regularly to parents through the Classe365 platform.

Virtual Zoom Classes and Google Chat Platforms

Providing EDX Platform online courses by Harvard and MIT

Each student will be equipped with a Tablet Pen

Video-recorded Classes & Microsoft/Online Whiteboard

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