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Who We Are

We are a private school that has a solid reputation and wealth of experience working with regional and international recruitment agencies across the globe. Our primary objective is to develop our partnership with agencies by providing high-quality education and customized academic plans to students. Having been in the education industry for more than a decade has given us the ability to create products that are unique and easy to sell through agencies.

Rutherford Private School

We are a Toronto, Canada-based private school approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education with BSID# 665178. There is a great variety of students at the school, including students from Canada, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Romania, Singapore, and more. We offer exceptional academic programs that are taught by highly qualified teachers with real-world experience.

In-person Classes Grades 6-12

Over 500 School Graduated

Experienced Teachers

100% University Acceptance

STEM Oriented School

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Canada Zoom School

Canada Zoom School is a virtual distribution of the Rutherford School developed during the Pandemic period. The school offers academic programs from Grades 6-12 to international students worldwide. Students can take part-time or full-time classes at Canada Zoom School while attending their home school in their own country.

Benefits for students

All classes are conducted by live teachers

Grades 6-8

ESL, English, Math, and Programming

Grades 9-12

Canadian diploma & Dual Degree Program

Summer Camp

Experience the Canadian lifestyle

University Prep

Get acceptance to high-ranked universities

Recruitment Challenges

The recruitment of international students is more challenging now than it has ever been. In most cases, parents cannot afford to pay for their child’s education in a long-term plan. In consequence, you may spend much time for little gain.

Visa Rejection

You will not be paid if your student is unable to obtain a study permit

Slow Process

Your commission can only be received once your student attends school in-person

Expensive Product

It's hard to sell it since lots of families cannot afford this product

Our Solutions

Offering an affordable product that provides a high-quality education can be a great solution for families who wish to send their children abroad to study.

Guaranteed Commission

There's no need to get a study permit since your student will not come to Canada

Easy & Fast Process

You will receive your commission once your student joins virtually

Affordable Education

Many families can afford to pay the tuition fees for virtual programs, whether it is part-time or full-time

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8 Canada Zoom School - Agency Webpage
8 Canada Zoom School - Agency Webpage

What makes us stand out from other public and private schools

high quality education

Regardless of where students live, our mission is to provide a high quality education

easy & fair sales

Families can save at least $30,000 CAD each year by having their child study virtually with us

Training Sessions

We train your staff on how to promote the high quality education we provide at our school

guaranteed commission

We offer affordable products that are easy to sell and don't require visas

Marketing support

Helping you to do the marketing in your own region by auditing your campaigns

customer service

Assist you with promoting and selling our programs by sharing our marketing experience

Our Target Market

Better Education in Diverse Populations

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Middle East

Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates

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Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Belarus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan


Our goal is to reach 500+ students in 3 years through 30 centers worldwide.

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Business Perspectives

Proven Business Model


First year


Revenue: $500 K
Enrollment: 1 Student/Week


Partnership with 200 Agencies
Revenue: $1.5 M
Goal: 20 New Agencies/Month


Globalizes to 30 Centres
Revenue: $5 M
Goal: 1 Branch Opening/Month

Join our partnership program 

Agency plan

Start with the Bronze plan and progress to the Gold plan to enjoy the full benefits!

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Your GOLD plan will be maintained with sales of over $35,000 within the next year!

Be an Exclusive Service Provider
of CZS in your Region

Open & Operate

Be an exclusive representative of CZS for 10 M population in your region

Commission + Tuition

Receive a portion of the tuition fee in addition to the commission

Stock Option

Get stock options for Canada Zoom School at fair market value

recruit once
upsell many times
get loyalty commissions

Grades 9-12

dual degree program

Part-time | On Zoom

Grades 9-12

Canadian high school diploma

Full-time | On Zoom | In-person

Grades 6-10


Twice a Week | On Zoom

Grades 6-10


Twice a Week | On Zoom

Grades 11-12

ielts prep

Twice a Week | On Zoom

Grades 8-12

summer program

June - July - August | In-person

Grades 8-12

school visit

All Year Round

Grades 11-12

universty tours

All Year Round

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Our mission is to provide students from all over the world, regardless of where they live, with the highest quality education possible through an online curriculum led by live instructors and collaborative classroom learning in real-time.

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Igor Sarjinsky

Principal | ceo

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Mehrnoush Taherkhani

vice principal | cmo

Top 5 Best Universities In Ontario

We are proud that all of our graduates are accepted to prestigious universities every year

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