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BEST University Pathway

The BEST University Pathway Program (BUP) offers students the education, knowledge, and credits necessary for being accepted into a top recognized Canadian or American and other English languages University/College.

Pathway represents a student’s individual journey, including experiential learning and all courses and programs that facilitate a successful and gradual transition step by step in different grades and finally to a college/university level. In other words, a pathway portrays the processual procedure of  your academic and professional life from the early stages of apprenticeship to university and then the workplace. And in between, there are lots of diverse social activities that engage students in “Community Involvements,” “Volunteering,” and even “Part-time Employment.”

The students’ current credits will be evaluated to ascertain the remaining credits needed to get the OSSD to apply for the academic field of education of their interest. Entering into a specialized academic stream or taking specific credits of interest will be among the next possible steps for students.

A wise man once said, 

“give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

At RPS, we teach our students the latter, how to survive in an ever-shifting world where they need to learn and challenge themselves on a daily basis. 

- Dr. Igor Sarjinsky, RPS Principal

Registration is Now Open!

Academic School Year 2023-2024

Grades 11-12 | In-person | On Zoom

$2500 Scholarship is available

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We Are Well-suited For Students Who:

IDC4U: Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 12 [Teenpreneur]

Would like to attend RPS "BEST" University Pathway and engage in experiential learning activities


Want to improve the 70% or Lower Averages to high 80 to mid 90 to go to Prestigious University

ICS3U: Introduction to Computer Science, Grade 11

Would like to participate in Co-op programs and get some real world experience and make some money

Getting into the TOP10 Universities

Copy of Get accepted to top 10 Ontario universities as easily as drinking coffee (2)

Assisting students in making successful transitions to the initial post-secondary destination of their choice, our teachers in RPS actively support students in reflecting on their experiences. Students must take at least 6 credit courses in Grade 12 to be accepted in prestigious universities, and these 6 credit courses need pre-requisites in Grade 11. 



Registration is Now Open!

Academic School Year 2023-2024

Grades 11-12 | In-person | On Zoom

$2500 Scholarship is available

Get in touch with us to see if you qualify for this scholarship

RPS "BEST" University Pathway

Business | Engineering | Science | Technology

Do you have a dream to become one of the below professional fields? Do you wish to start up your own business?


business stream


Accountant: $71,550 | Management Consultant: $85,260 | Social Media Manager: $50,815 | Financial Analyst: $85,660

Course Requirement: ENG4U | MHF4U | MCV4U | BAT4M | MDM4U


engineering stream


Aerospace Engineer: $115,220 | Civil Engineer: $86,640 | Electrical Engineer: $99,070 | Software Engineer: $105,590

Course Requirement: ENG4U | MHF4U | MCV4U | SPH4U | SCH4U


science stream


Chemist: $76,890 | Medical Scientist: $84,810 | Geoscientist: $91,130 | Environmental Scientist: $71,130

Course Requirement: ENG4U | MHF4U | MCV4U | SBI4U | MDM4U


technology stream


Software Developer: $110,000 | Network Administrator: $82,050 | Computer System Analyst: $88,740 | Computer Network Architect: $112,690

Course Requirement: ENG4U | MHF4U | MCV4U | ICS4U | MDM4U

RPS Zoom Day Schedule Classes


RPS is distinguished with an education concentrated on individual self-discovery, small class sizes, highly experienced and certified teachers, focused on single subject expertise, equipped with the highest educational technology.

You may never miss any classes if you are not able to come to school by any reason. You have the opportunity to attend all classes virtually via Zoom if you would like to stay home because of the weather condition, sickness, and family emergency.

Advantage of Zoom Classes

Convenient communications for teachers and students

The ability to connect synchronously with students 

The ability for students to work in groups and share the screen

The ability to use written annotations on a whiteboard 

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100+ Graduate Students in Last 5 Years


Why Choose Us

A Different Way Of Thinking

Benefit 1:

100% University/College Acceptance

Benefit 2:

Personalized Academic Coaching

Benefit 3:

Expert Subject Oriented Teachers

Benefit 4:

In-person and Virtual Programs

Zoom Requirement

OSSD Requirement

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