Principal’s Message

Dr. Igor Sarjinsky - Rutherford Private SchoolPrincipal’s Message
Education is the foundation of Success…

Welcome to Rutherford Private School. Rutherford is the school for the students who would like to think differently in MathProgrammingEngineering, and Technology. Our dedicated and expert teachers deliver the right mix of challenge and support by getting to know their students and help all students get the most out of their Rutherford Zoom classes experience. The staff of Rutherford School are highly trained, experienced, and focused on delivering outstanding academic programs. Rutherford School has a family-oriented, nurturing environment where all students feel safe and cared for. My main goal as the school’s principal has always been to help students find themselves, both from an educational point of view, as well as become stronger individuals mentally and emotionally.

As of last year, we settled down at our new $4 million states of the art facility in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. our multicultural school population provides the same stimulating environment our students will experience later on in Post-Secondary life, and later in the real world.

We value diversity and find our students are enriched by meeting and learning with other young people from around the world. In today’s global career market, individuals with an international education have a very strong advantage. Here at the Rutherford School, we help individuals develop into globally-oriented Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers, Politicians, and Business leaders. We look forward to having the opportunity to play a role in your education and prepare you for a successful life and career.

Best Regards,
Dr.Igor Sarjinsky
Principal and Founder