Tech High School

Our goal is to challenge and motivate each student to reach their full potential, both academically and emotionally. Our balanced curriculum helps prepare students for university and beyond, as they mature into well-rounded citizens, and respected leaders within their communities. Teachers use computer based teaching exercises through their own individual websites, as well as the school Moodle, in order to better engage students who were raised in a technological age.

Rutherford Private School’s curriculum is built on the foundation of four core subjects: Math, Science, Computers, and English. With these four subjects acting as a foundation, our curriculum then expands to include other necessary subjects such as Information & Communication Technology, Writers Craft, World Issues, and Business & Accounting.

Each students schedule will be customized based on their future goals and aspirations.

Who it’s for

Students in Grade 9 seeking to Graduate in only 3 years
International Students who want to study English in Canada
Students who would like to attend University or College in Canada and the U.S.A.
Students seeking an Enriched course curriculum that teaches at a higher level
Busy students who prefer more flexible school-schedules


100% University Acceptance
Networking with intelligent and successful students
Graduates will receive OSSD High School Diploma
Emphasis on English and core subjects of Math, Science, Technology and Business
Advanced course content to better prepare for University
Extended school hours and after school programs for busy students
Ministry of Education approved courses
Extensive Extra-curricular Activities
Residence & Boarding Options for international and intraprovincial students

Grade 9-12 Courses