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Ontario Inspected Online/On-site Middle School

Approved By Ministry Of Education | BSID #665718

Face-to-face Zoom Classes Led by Live teachers

At Rutherford Zoom School, we conduct live online classes to the utmost quality. We aim to provide a rich, knowledge-based, and encouraging environment for our students. Students attend classes online at regularly scheduled times during school hours as usual. All class activities including group work and class discussions will be held virtually and in-person. Students are also able to fulfill their educational aims and activities like group discussions, writing projects, and testing alongside their teachers and classmates. They also can reach their teachers via Zoom on a daily basis.

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Open continuous communication between parents and teachers is a crucial aspect of our learning process. Parents can follow and also be involved with their children’s progress via Google Classroom which includes assignments, group discussions, and reading materials. Furthermore, updates on attendance will be reported regularly to parents through the Classe365 platform.

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Open communication between parents and teachers is an important part of our academic process. Updates on attendance are provided regularly and communication about courses, grades, and individual progress flows throughout the school year through our Classe365 platform.

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Middle School _ Semester 1 _ 2020-2021

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principal's note

Our world is changing rapidly—that which seemed impossible yesterday is achievable today. Many technological advancements have occurred in every aspect of our lives. The modern reality includes using Uber for transportation, shopping for all your needs on Amazon, and of course, getting your education online.

In my 25 years of experience as an educator, I have developed my Success Method, achieving great results for most of my students. The basic principle behind my method is to trust your experience, intuition and imagination and come up with innovative ideas rooted in success. Since my mind is particularly gifted in mathematics and logic, these are the areas where I radiate my energy. The result is increased participation, engagement and success of my students.

Dr. Igor Sarjinsky

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