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Study Abroad! – Destination Canada

Welcome to the page that has all of your information with regards to Education in Canada!

We welcome all questions and will do our best to provide answers. We host webinars and live seminars regarding topics such as:

1. Selecting a University Program in Canada – What to Expect

Are you a grade 10 or 11 student and are looking to attend a post-secondary school institution? Not sure which program to attend or how to go about and applying to it? College or University? All your questions have simple answers.


2. University Pathway Program

Are you a student looking for a university pathway program? You have good grades but are not sure of how you would succeed in a Canadian post-secondary school program? Learn more about University Pathway Programs. Graduate with a Canadian Secondary School Diploma and give yourself the competitive edge to attend top university programs worldwide in Canada.


3. Canadian Student Visa Application

Need assistance, or would like to learn more about the student Visa application process? Watch our seminar to familiarize yourself with the general student application process.


4. Scholarships Available for Student Applying to University & Secondary School Programs

Learn more about the types of Scholarships Secondary Schools and Universities may Offer! High schools may offer scholarships much like universities, ask your school today.


5. Rutherford Private School – Your Destination to Success!

Learn more about how Rutherford Private School can help your achieve your goals. From Visa application to University Preparation, success is only a semester away! Study programs that are geared to your success. From the classroom to distance education, we have a new and developing programs that assist in your transition to a Canadian top tier university!


6. Online Distance Education – Coming Soon to Ukraine

Looking to take courses that count towards your Canadian Secondary School Diploma? You will have the chance to do so from the comfort of your home!