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Virtual Private Classes to help you achieve a GREEN PASS to your dream university

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Did you fail your final exam? Were you stressed out? Did you not prepare?


We offer Stress-Free Private Classes to help you improve your marks and prepare you to apply to colleges and universities.


Missed too many classes and don't feel comfortable taking your final exam?


It is possible to drop your course and register with us for the same high school credit.


You already have good marks, but you need the high 90s to apply to your dream university.


We will help you improve your abilities and boost your marks to achieve your goals.

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High School Students in Grades 11-12

Math: MCR3U | MCV4U | MHF4U | MDM4U
Physics: SPH3U | SPH4U
Computer Science: ICS3U | ICS4U

Effective Solution Learning Experience

 Rutherford is a private school with over a decade of experience serving families in Ontario, offering high school credits toward OSSD. We provide high-quality virtual classes via Zoom video call taught by experienced teachers on a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, physics, and computer science. Our mission is to assist students and adults to achieve their full academic potential through virtual learning and get accepted into their desired universities and colleges.

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Here at Rutherford School, we select teachers who are highly qualified, experienced, friendly, and specialized in mathematics, physics, computer science, and prepare students for university admissions. 

Don’t just take our word for it


"As a public school student, I didn't do well in MHF4u, which was required for the program I wanted to apply for. I had to repeat the course at Rutherford School and Mr. Igor helped me improve my skills by offering me private classes in the evenings with enough important materials and homework to boost my final grade."


“I was lucky to find Rutherford School to retake some high school credits. I'm 33 and planning to apply to nursing school. My teacher was extremely patient, professional, and knowledgeable and helped me improve my grades. Definitely credit Rutherford School for my academic success!”


"Rutherford helped me a lot with my final grades in grade 12 in subjects of physics and computer science. They provided me with teachers who were experts in my subject fields. Mr. Igor helped me understand difficult material and ensured that I excelled. I would definitely recommend them."

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