The life of a Rutherford Private School student is rich and varied. The school offers several programs and in-school activities to educate and enlighten.
From class trips to Robotics Competitions to Pizza day to a myriad of after school programs taught by accredited instructors, We here at Rutherford School understand that students need stimulation beyond academics.

Elementary Classrooms

Playing Fields

The philosophy of our athletic program supports our mission at Rutherford Private School to develop the whole child – academically, socially and emotionally – by building a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Our athletic program provides students with important life skills whether they play on competitive or intramural / house-league teams. Team and individual sports play a vital role in developing one’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being. Rutherford has first-rate recreational facilities located right on campus, for outdoor recreational amenities and also including gymnasium for indoor sports activities.

Our supervised school athletic activities include

Badminton | Baseball | Basketball | Cross Country Running | Fitness | Flag Football | Floor Hockey | Swimming | Ice Hockey | Soccer (Indoor & Outdoor) | Track & Field | Volleyball

Playground Structure

Our playground is well equipped with wide variety of attractions. Some examples of the equipment are as follows:
Teeter-totter | Slides | Monkey Bars | Ropes | Swings
The playground is bordered by a park and a lot of greenery as well as a beautiful view of a lake, giving the space a very relaxed feel. In case of bad weather, there is a fully equipped gym where a variety of activities can be carried-out.
All of our students spend a minimum of forty five minutes outside if the weather permits. Playtime is fully supervised but unstructured, allowing free interaction amongst the students.

Field Trips

Enormous amounts of learning opportunities are being offered beyond the classroom, thus field trips are an essential part of learning for students of all grade levels. Venturing outside of the conventional environment of a classroom helps expose students to a broader range of information and learning experiences. Eligor private school offers a variety of educational excursions to the following locations
Ontario Science Center | The Royal Ontario Museum | Algonquin Park Conservation Area | Art Gallery of Ontario | Horseshoe Valley | The Winterlude Festival – Ottawa
To ensure safety, our students only travel in school buses with optimal student staff ratios. All locations are assessed by staff before being booked.

Nutrition and Lunch Program

In 2008, the school implemented an optional lunch program for all students at Rutherford Elementary Private School. Through the services of the Food Company, students can receive a catered HOT meal daily. All foods are prepared off campus and delivered to the school minutes before lunch time. All meals are carefully labeled with the student name and their allergy statuses.
Students are provided with a bright and spacious Lunch Room facility where they can take a break from their studies, enjoy a nutritious lunch and socialize with their classmates. Our Lunch Room is supervised at all times and provides students with an opportunity to develop their social skills while respecting healthy eating habits.
Rutherford Elementary Private School has developed and maintains certain health policies and nutritional guidelines based on information and research compiled by school officials and the Ontario Ministry of Health. Because the school has a duty to ensure every child’s health and well-being is looked after, certain food items have been recognized as inappropriate and lacking in nutritive value and are, thus, not permitted in the school.
Some students have a life-threatening allergic reaction to nuts. All nuts, nut products, or anything that could have traces of nut products is banned from the school.
In order for our students to remain mentally and physically fit, we encourage and teach them healthy eating habits in hopes of developing a positive attitude toward food and eating.

Computer Laboratory

At Rutherford Elementary Private School, computer technology is used extensively throughout the school.
Having an updated, full service, the internal network allows our students, faculty, and the administration an uninterrupted, reliable, high-performance network service for years to come. We use the popular Ubuntu, it is a complete operating system that includes an office suite, web browser, many educational applications, and much more. Edubuntu is designed to allow a teacher or network administrator to be able to setup a complete classroom quickly and easily. Edubuntu is committed to the principles of free and open source software which mean it is free of charge and will always remain that way. Open Source software aims to preserve the freedom to use, copy, make changes and distribute those changes.

Rutherford Private School is Technology Oriented


Pre-school aged children should have educational and fun games.


Students, K-12 and beyond, should have the best open-source educational software available.


The tools teachers need to manage their classroom should be easily installed and usable with minimal fuss.


Powerful and cost-effective education platforms for schools bring education into the 21st century.

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