Extra Curricular and Social Activities

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Extra Curricular and Social Activities


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Extra-Curricular Activities

The Rutherford School prides itself on offering an extensive list of extra-curricular programs and activities that will ensure students experience the full social and educational package that Toronto offers. Our students belong to various clubs, organizations and compete in different competitions throughout the school year. Some examples include:

  • Math League – Series of contests and competitions covering all grades and levels of math.
  • Science Fairs – students present and are awarded prizes for self-created science projects.
  • Robotics Competitions – competitions judging various robotics engineering projects created by students.
  • Business Leadership (DECA) – a provincial extra-curricular organization designed to help students prepare for all aspects of the business world.
  • Sport Judo- Judo programs offer a safe and challenging environment in which each judoka can achieve his or her potential.
  • Dance studio with International Style Standard and International Style Latin.
  • Internet marketing – Students will have a lot of fun developing their own web site.
  • Find how to make more money with their websites using internet marketing…
  • Brain training program – Research shows that well-designed mental workouts can enhance the health and function of the brain.

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Social Activities

At Rutherford, we believe that cultural and social activities can contribute greatly to a student’s success. Social Activities give students an opportunity to practice English in real situations, experience Canadian culture, and make many new friends from around the world At Rutherford, we take full advantage of being located next door to a bus and train station, with weekly trips to famous and interesting Toronto landmarks. Some of our trips in and around Toronto include visits to:

  • The Distillery District (a converted section of the city specializing in public and private art displays).
  • Sporting events – Toronto has many sports teams including the Toronto Raptors (Basketball), Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball), Toronto Maple Leafs (Hockey), Toronto FC (Soccer), Toronto Argonauts (Football).
  • Universities – Toronto and its neighbouring cities are host to over a dozen universities and colleges.
  • Various nature preserves and conservation areas.
  • Art galleries and museums.
  • Niagara Falls.
  • Centre Island.
  • The CN Tower.

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