About Us

About Rutherford School

Rutherford School offers a challenging program in a nurturing environment, with small classes, individual attention, and outstanding teachers as our hallmarks. A traditional and structured, yet creative curriculum serves a range of diverse students within a family-like environment. Rutherford School creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, as we seek to imbue students with a love of learning and provide sound preparation for higher education.
At the center of our philosophy is the idea that securing a broad foundation of knowledge is essential to successful adult life. Learning how to learn, although important, cannot replace the development of a knowledge base that allows a child to participate fully in his/her environment. We therefore strive to expose our students to the major achievements and works within each discipline.
Having been taught this information, we ensure that it is remembered through frequent review and testing. By gaining this knowledge, children can converse intelligently with others on a broad range of topics. We believe that a child will grow and achieve best when surrounded by those who actively engage in the joy of learning and discovery.
Rutherford School encourages positive attitudes, fosters leadership and consistently reinforces the values and standards of responsible behavior. By working in concert, teachers and parents strive to engender self-confidence and guide children toward their highest potential. Children who face challenges with enthusiasm, a faculty that nurtures their growth, and parents who support the many facets of school life, join in forming the family that is Rutherford Private School.

Our Goals

  • To provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum.
  • To provide a supportive environment in which students develop competence in academic, and creative endeavors.
  • To encourage self-discipline, self-respect, social responsibility and the characteristics of leadership.
  • To encourage critical and creative thinking.
  • To challenge each student to realize and reach his/her full potential.
  • To prepare each student for his/her secondary school experience.

Our Philosophy

A Well-rounded Environment

We believe that a well-rounded environment is one of the key factors that contribute to the growth of good-hearted and strong individuals who strive for success. As our students foster and mature they receive personalized guidance and attention to ensure that they are feeling good about themselves and their surroundings. At Rutherford Private School your child will enjoy a supportive, unconditionally accepting, fostering, and challenging atmosphere that will lead him or her every step of the way.

Smaller classes ensure stronger learning

At Rutherford Private School your child will enjoy small classes and a low teacher to student ratio. We believe that this combination provides an ideal environment where each student could develop a high level of self-esteem and confidence which in turn leads to great results. This also allows each teacher to create an individualized plan for each student that will allow him or her to advance at their own pace. This keeps students enthusiastic, motivated, and eager to learn.


Global thinking

In our rigorously developing world, we must think globally. A careful analysis of many areas of study would reveal that there exist much interconnection and overlap. The beauty of knowing how to spot these similarities gives us the opportunity to see the world in a different light which in turn allows us to solve problems and make decisions of a higher difficulty level. Hence, we teach our students to see the patterns, connections, and similarities in everything they pursue. This results in a more complete and profound understanding of topics covered in class and their application to the real world. To achieve this multipart goal we designed programs that STEM from the children’s interest, and integrate knowledge across the different strands of the curriculum. The result is a carefully designed program where problem-solving, brilliancy, creativity, and academic excellence are fostered.


Our commitment

  • Provide a secure and loving environment.
  • Build a strong foundation for each child to grow emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively.
  • Give the finest care and most well-rounded education possible.

Our Mission

We believe that the main ingredients to become a successful individual are having the will, vision, and ambition. Rutherford Private School offers a wide variety of activities that will spark your child’s interest and help him or her envision success. It is our responsibility to give our children the possibility to conquer their goals.